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New computer, importing photos

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hi, Brian, 

I bought a custom built computer, looking for the specs I got from your post. My old one crashed, and I had a service retrieve my files, so now I have 58 GB of files on a 64 GB thumb drive. About 17 GB is taken up by images. I am planning to not even load Lightroom, and to just use Bridge. How should I go about moving all these files onto the new computer? I don't want the disorganized mess I had before. 



Here's the analysis of the thumb drive:


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It looks like you have a larger D : Drive meant for storage. That’s where your data files go. You answered your own question; now is a time to come up with some sort of folder hierarchy. 

You could start with two folders, “Business” and “Personal.” Then create the years then months or project name / session name. Under each of those folders have Raw and PSD folders. Keep things organized. 

Of course, this is all relative and totally up to you on how to organize things. 

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