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Darker images and over saturated

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I just got done going through all of your tutorials for color space settings/trouble shooting. I've made sure all my boxes are checked to support sRBG in PS and LR and I am still seeing the same issue so not sure what to do next. I'm bringing my RAW photo from LR then editing in PScc. The problem is the color looks totally fine in both of those and after I open the image from it's saved location. When I try uploading to FB or Drop box as I have always done it looks terrible...dark and over saturated. I did just get a new Mac and that's my only difference. Just crazy how different it looks from the saved export vs upload. Any tips that my fried brain aren't seeing would be MUCH appreciated!!! I'm not sure how I'd do a 700 crop of the saturated photo because it shows up normal in my image..just changes when I try to upload??

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I don't have one yet...which I know is a big no no. I just got this new Mac last week. I have never had any issues with my old Mac and my images always matched my prints. I was thinking it had to be more then just monitor calibration since they look so different side by side?

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