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Stupid pink spoon


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I need to change the colour of this bright pink spoon to something boyish - blue/green preferably, easily and quickly. I couldn't find my wooden spoon and the baby refused to touch the cake, kicking myself!! 


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Add a Channel Mixer layer, and enter these values:

  • Red channel: 0, +100, 0
  • Green channel: 0, +35, +65
  • Blue channel: +100, 0, 0

Then mask on.  Around the bulk of the handle, you shouldn't need to be precise - the CM layer shouldn't affect the wall colour.

But around the fingers, you'll need to be VERY precise, of course.

IMPORTANT:  After masking around the fingers very carefully, then lower the brush opacity a lot, eg 5%, and paint gently onto the skin to replace the pink cast with blue cast.  This step is really important.

Here, I've done the top half to show you:


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