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LED Lightning for pics of pics?

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My wife has some older (pre-digital) photo books she would like to replicate in printed (Shutterfly) books. The plan is to take a digital pic of each page (typically containing more than one mounted photo print). Each pic will become a single Shutterfly page. 

I’ll rig a flat white-background upon which to mount each subject page in turn and use a 60mm f/2.8 Nikon lens on a tripod-mounted D850 equipped with remote shutter control. 

I’m looking for advice on using household dimmable LED bulbs for my lighting. 


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Thank you very much for your help. 
I appreciate your availability to those in need of greater knowledge and experience in these matters. 

One other question if I may:

What aperture range do you recommend in this type of application, and why?

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