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Error Identified after running Glary5

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I am receiving an error.

Volume label is Glary Utilities 5.

Stage 1: Examining basic file system structure ...
  657664 file records processed.                                                        

File verification completed.
  36735 large file records processed.                                   

  0 bad file records processed.                                     

Stage 2: Examining file name linkage ...
  40979 reparse records processed.                                      

Index entry 0c8dcad7-e15e-4131-af6c-a3a86f633075.csv in index $I30 of file 555 is incorrect.
Index entry 0C8DCA~1.CSV in index $I30 of file 555 is incorrect.
Index entry 1-b7f8-5d64091e in index $I30 of file 4631 is incorrect.
Index entry 1-B7F8~1 in index $I30 of file 4631 is incorrect.
  876102 index entries processed.                                                       

Index verification completed.

Errors found.  Glary Utilities 5 cannot continue in read-only mode.

CheckDisk found 1 disk errors as follows:

Any suggestions?

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There are a couple of commands that you can run to fix this sort of thing. You just need to be an administrator to do them. Let me know if your profile has administrator rights. 

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OK. Click the Start Menu button and and just start typing the letters cmd. The Command Prompt should pop up in the menu. RIGHT-CLICK ON THAT CMD FILE & select, "Run as Administrator." Yes, even though you are logged in as an Administrator for the laptop, you need to open up what's called an "Elevated Command Prompt." Windows will prompt you asking if you want to do this, click OK / Yes or whatever. You should have a black box and a command prompt. Here is the command that I want you to type first and make sure you laptop is plugged in:

cd \ {press enter} -- you should be at a C : command prompt. 

then type chkdsk /f {press enter}

Windows will tell you that it can't run this routine and must be done at time of boot-up. That's fine. Tell it Y and press enter. Restart the laptop. The chkdsk program will run the next time the laptop starts up.

After you get into Windows again, open up an Elevated Command Prompt and type the following command:  sfc /scannow {press enter}

What that will do is initialize the "System File Checker" program. Hopefully both of these scans will find and fix stuff. When the scans complete, type the word exit and press enter. I would then restart the laptop for good measure and then run Glary again.

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