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Squarespace front page question

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the picture I provided to the client was perfectly sharp, see attached. When her web developer uploaded it to Squarespace, it lost its sharpness. Would you know the reason why? 

Do you think it's the size issue? The image I gave sent her via Dropbox was 5260 px x 3507 px Should I resize it? Would you mind taking a look? www.bakedincolor.com

thank you


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I strongly recommend following Squarespace's image guidelines: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206542517-Formatting-your-images-for-display-on-the-web

Since it's a responsive website, I don't think you can sharpen precisely (as a different sized image will display depending on the screen/browser width, and Squarespace generates the different sized files from each image upload itself).

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