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Liv - 4: Minimising Hard Shadow under nose


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Hi Damien, i tried using the softening hard shadows tutorial (http://www.damiensymonds.net/2010/03/softening-hard-shadows-method-1.html) to reduce the shadows under baby's nose due to awful overhead lighting, but i do not think it is working.


How do i eliminate 2/3 of the shadow and leave just a nice soft shadow under the nose (which doesnt extend all the way down to baby's lips) or is this possible? 


I have attached my attempt (1st picture), SOOR and 100% crop of shadow area


9Q8A3042 - 100% crop.jpg

9Q8A3042 v2.jpg

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i was afraid you were going to ask that....my cloning is awful, im so bad at it.....but the tutorial says it doesnt need to be perfect as you will be hiding it....

9Q8A3042 - cloning.jpg

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