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spyder 5 pro issues not matching prints

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Hi I have a brand new VX279 LCD monitor for editing along with my laptop. I am trying to calibrate the monitor with the spyder5pro and I cant get my prints to match the screen.

The prints are much redder and darker. I realised I used old photos from my pro lab that were in RGB colour space. Only the photo below was in the correct sRGD colourspace. Do I need to buy all new prints or can I just go of this one?

I have a 4000K bulb that is definitely bright enough for my size room and have put up block out blinds so it is the only light. Prints are from Atkins Pro Adelaide, Australia.

What am I doing wrong?



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Are you saying that these prints were printed in AdobeRGB? That may be a problem, but usually when it is those prints come out as green/grey, not red, when a lab cannot handle AdobeRGB properly.

What program are you using to view your images in? You should only be comparing them to another color managed program such as PS.

And lastly, are you following along with Damien's instructions for your device? Or using the instructions that come on the box?

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Yes all but the one in the photo were AdobeRGB. The one in the photo was sRGB.

The photo is me comparing the prints using the calibration program as per Damien's instructions but even when I look at them in Photoshop the prints are always much more red. They matched closer before the calibration.

Yes I followed all of Damien's instructions and performed it multiple times. Still no idea how to fix it.

Sorry I did not realise it would be this hard and sorry for late reply. 

Thanks heaps

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I did all steps in part 9 and none of them worked. I did however j\get a bit confused with the temperature in Kelvin step. I changed the settings in my calibrator 3 different times but I didn't change my screen manually? Is this correct. As in when it says try 5000k or 6500k I pressed the buttons in the program but didn't change my screen?

Bummer I will look into getting new prints soon.


I am going to start all over again on the weekend with my calibration and see if I have any luck.



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Also I had to up the brightness of my monitor more than I thought matched to get it between 70-100 as Damien says. Could this be what affected the match? I would have to have it down to about 40 for what I thought matched my prints. But would the brightness be enough to make the colour wrong? My prints are so much more red, while my screen seems too green. Thanks


"At the top it will tell you the Target brightness is 120. This is a nonsense in-built target which is too high for everybody, and I wish Datacolor would wise up and change it.

If your screen matches your prints at 120, your office must be lit by football stadium floodlighting, and your power bill must be horrendous!

Don’t worry, what we’re doing here is setting a new target, based on the adjustment you made to your screen before we started.

So your Current brightness reading should definitely be lower than 120. You can see mine is at 98, because my office is quite well-lit. Generally speaking, yours should be between 70 and 100. If so, press “Continue” right away"


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Go with the brightness that matches your prints, because yes, it does affect it. If you struggle to match the brightness then make a frank assessment of the light in your room. 70-100 is a general rule of thumb and guideline, but it's not a hard and fast rule. :) 

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Ok I am about ready to throw my monitor (my husband says hes ready to kick the screen). I have brought all new prints in the correct colour space sRGB but they are still not matching. The screen appears to blue. These photos are off my iPhone so are exaggerating it even more.

I am in a very small office with only one window and block out blinds with a 1350 lumens 4000K globe. I calibrated with the lights off as per instructions.

My uncalibrated screen matches my prints more than the calibrated one but I want to take the raw class so I know I need to get this sorted.

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much





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I'm sorry to keep bothering you.

Do not adjust white point also didn't help. This is the calibrated and uncalibrated view. Any other suggestions on what I could try? The uncalibrated is a much better match to my prints, its more obvious in person.

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