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question about uniformity process

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Hello! I typically calibrate my lap top with xritei1display pro, I have just bought a new monitor HP pavilion 27xw IPS LED Backlit Monitor and wanted to calibrate of course. my prints were close in color, but not close enough, and darker than I prefer, but not being backlit and all, it's tough to compare.   I used Damien's instructions, and started with method one, during the uniformity part, my preset numbers seemed wonky, and none were within a 100 points of 6500, so I went to method 2 and calibrated. it's bothering me that I don't understand why my preset numbers were off, it is a brand new monitor, but I'm feeling like I missed something. here are the numbers from the uniformity testing (side note, while Damien's instructions show just one set of numbers coming up, mine showed 3 sets in each block after testing, all close in kelvin though but varied in luminance)

Warm 5311

neutral 7425

cool 11594

native 7104

Now I'm no rocket scientist, but they seem backwards to me, but putting that wonky thought aside, still none are within 100 points of 6500


after calibrating with method 2, prints still seem close, any change would be slight from pre calibrating. and brightness went from factory reset which was I believe 90 to 25! seemed odd too.  also with method 2 my luminance was 102 with a target of 100, and native ended up 6484...alll seemingly acceptable numbers, but still bothered by method #1, any insight would be fabulous. thank you all :)


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forgot to add calibrator model
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