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Prints dont match

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So I changed computers and calibrated my new monitor (ASUS ML228H). I followed the instructions for the Colormunki Display, but even though I have tried several times with different color settings, my prints look a little bit more yellow than my monitor, my pinks look more like peach.

Also, I didnt have the option to set the constrast, only the brightness. 

Help please! 

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So, I tried again. 

This time I did try changing the color setting and that didn't work, my screen was still colder than my prints. Then I tried choosing D55 instead of Native, like you said, and that fixed it. My screen is warmer just like my prints. It looks a bit weird, but I guess I will get used to it.

Thanks for the help! 

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1 hour ago, Diana_Andersen said:

its weird because is yellower than before, but I guess its normal, since it was colder before. 

You do understand, though, that now that your monitor matches your prints, you can edit your files being fully confident that what you see on your screen will be a faithful representation of what will be printed, right?  So you can take that file and edit it cooler and KNOW that it won't be warmer in print.  No needing to "get used" to anything -- edit as you think appropriate and now you're finally seeing faithful colors on your screen. 

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