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The Million Dollar question computer upgrade

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I have read through and understand the specs needed in a new computer and I know you recommend a desktop versus a laptop. But I have been a laptop user and afraid to go desktop cause I don't want to be confined to one room for editing when I got kids running around every where. So it sounds like I kind of need to build a computer which is what I did last time. I now have an HP envy laptop, nvidia GeForce graphic card, i7 processor, I upgraded my screen but only have 8GB RAM, and not enough storage. And so I am struggling with photoshop CC and Lightroom being slow shutting down on me all the time. I just can't handle it anymore. So where do I start looking to buy a computer.....should I suck it up and buy the desktop or is a certain type of laptop ok? If I do go desktop what type of monitor do I buy I have read about IPS and such. Do I go Dell, HP, etc? I know what I need I just don't know where to start looking if you know what I mean!

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