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Can an iPad Pro be used like a wacom?


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Would an iPad pro work well to be used like a wacom tablet?  I have been told you can mirror it to your desktop and use it like a wacom tablet.  I am in the market for a new iPad and possibly a new wacom tablet.  I was wondering if i could combine the two?  Or am I better off purchasing a Cintiq Pro refurbished within my budget or save the money and just get an intuos pro?


I'd also like to use the iPad pro for IPS and also personal use but if it cannot work as well as a wacom, then i don't need such a fancy model.

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20 hours ago, Brandicm said:

Would an iPad pro work well to be used like a wacom tablet?

Work as well as a Wacom Tablet or Cintiq? No. Be a "Poor Man's Version?" Yes. You will need a iPad Pro, a Apple Pencil 2 and a App called Duet Display ($10.) So basically you are at a automatic $1000 investment. Plus figure in a SpyderX Elite Calibration Device ($270) to not only calibrate your Mac, but your iPad as well. You are doing IPS, so accurate colors are a must AND you need to spend extra not only on a 12" iPad Pro, but a blasted case & keyboard / holder thing, so that adds to the cost. After Taxes and AppleCare, you are around $1500. Are you sure you want to go this route? I hate-hate-hate wasting money on this sh*t. :)

From the reviews I've read, a 12" iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil 2 & Duet Display works about as good as a 5 year old Wacom Tablet.

In my honest and humble opinion, just get a blasted current Wacom Tablet. LOL!! There are some times that "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should..." and this is one of those times. Nerds love tinkering and getting things to work. Does it work well? "Meh" is my answer while shrugging my shoulders.

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Thank you so much!  I had read mixed reviews and did not want to plunk down that much unless it was a sure thing.  I want a new iPad but it does not need to be the pro or even the latest model.  Mine is from 2011 and won't support the apps anymore.  My wacom is 13 years old.  It gets the job done but I would like a bigger one.  I hate shopping and i hate wasting money :).  Thank you for your input!

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