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Retriving a folder from Recycle bin AFTER emptied

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There is a folder I need to get back. I sent it to the recycle bin and emptied it already.  I remember one time reading that doing a reset of the computer to an earlier date (so that those folders would be back in bin) isn't a good thing to do.


So I wanted to ask YOU what options I have to get this folder back.

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You are correct. Doing a restore to a previous version doesn't work that well, especially when trying to recover files and folders  

What version of Windows are you running? 

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See if that works. You might get lucky. If it doesn't, try installing and running Recuva:


There is a free version and a paid version. Try the free, but I'm sure you can upgrade and pony up the $25 to get the paid version. 

In my experience, sometimes it's worth using paid versions of software. 

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I just wanted to respond again for one to say thank you, and for two to let you and others know reading this, that the link software link worked for me.

I was able to retrieve the files that I emptied out of my recycle bin.  I was able to use the free version of the software.


Thank you again.

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