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Content Aware and Clone stamp tool


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Hey there guys n' gals!

I had to do some content aware and clone stamp tool on this image.

I am not very good at it. There was a rock in the center of this image, in the grass. So I had to get rid of it, and had a really rough time editing what was left of the shoes.

Will it pass for the client? Ive spent more time on it than I wanted to - However - if you think it is shit, I would love some direction on what I should do next!

Hi from California!, and thanks in advance!





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I don't know what to tell you, exactly.

This is one of those situations where, if people don't notice the edited area, they'll go through their entire lives thinking it's a lovely photo; but if they do notice the area, they'll go through their lives never being able to look at any other part of the photo.

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Honestly encouraging. LOL. Well, thanks for the effort.

I'm pretty pissed at myself.

I may go back and try to redo the cloning, and see if I can do a little better of a job.


Thank You!

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