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Laptop Spec for photo editing

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Please am about to buy a new laptop for photo editing, in terms of spec what should I look for?

Also is it better to go with a laptop and a monitor or a desktop?

P.S. Am on a budget and can't afford a MacBook.


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1 hour ago, Damien Symonds said:

Hi @Luckyvok, did you browse the forum before posting?  This question has been asked a LOT.

Sorry, I will do a search now. Thank you

1 hour ago, Damien Symonds said:

It will help Brian if you can quantify your budget.  How much do you have to spend?

My budget is £600

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2 minutes ago, Luckyvok said:

I have the Acer Aspire 4GB RAM ADM 

Yeah, definitely time for an upgrade :)

This is what Brian said in another thread:


current MINIMUM specs:

  • Intel i7 or i9
  • 16GB RAM / 32GB Preferred
  • 500GB Main HD / 1TB Hard Drive Preferred
  • A Dedicated Video Card with its own video memory. 4GB is fine, one that contains 8GB is better.
  • Windows 10 / Windows 10 Pro Preferred


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