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HD Mishap


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So, had a slight mishap.  My dog, recovering from surgery, stumbled and knocked my external hard drive off my desk.  HD is damaged and has already been replaced.  It was backed up through early December and fully backed up to Amazon Photos.  So, no loss of files.  My question is...what is the best way to transfer everything back onto my new hard drive and ensure that Bridge can actually find all files?  Right, it is still trying to look for all of the old files.  Do I just need to remove those files from Bridge and then add the path from the new Hard Drive source so it knows where to locate them?

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The best way? First, do this:

  • Open your Finder:

Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 5.24.28 PM.png


  • Then under the Finder Menu, select Preferences.


Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 5.25.48 PM.png


  • Then make sure these things are checked:


Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 5.26.54 PM.png

  • When you click the Red Circle to close out the Window, your EHD will now appear on the Mac Desktop. I would then open up the new EHD and setup your folder structure first, then COPY and PASTE your source files to the new EHD. NEVER MOVE / CUT YOUR FILES. This way if something goes wrong during the transfer, you can attempt things again. If you "Cut," your files could go "POOF" without warning. Now this is rare to happen, but it has happened to me.

I'm sure you can probably do this in Bridge, and I'm sure this is covered in the Adobe Bridge Class. For me, I'd do it outside of any program for this amount of photos.

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