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Very orange skin/spray tan


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Hello! I shot a maternity session a few weeks back and my beautiful mom-to-be showed up with a very strong fake/spray tan. It was a little shocking at first but I figured I could "fix it" in Post Processing. Attached are 3 images, all SOOC. One is the image in it's entirety and the others are 100% crop of the skin so you can see what we are dealing with. She also wore very heavy foundation with contouring so her face looks very flat. Thanks in advance for any advice. I edit using PS CS5 on  MAC Desktop. THANKS!




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Yes, white dress. When using dropper tool on the white dress, made her look even more like an oompah loompah so I toned back the yellow, which is making white dress blue haha. In this situation I would add warming filter in PS to warm up dress and mask off the skin. I would love to know a better way to do that. I am probably going about it all wrong!

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Wonderful!  Much nicer already.

There's more I wish I could discuss with you about the raw processing aspect of this photo, but I can't do so here, sorry.  I urge you to get on the Raw Class waiting list as soon as you can (if you haven't already).

So for now, I'll have to make do as best we can.

Before we get to the colouring issue, I need you to brighten the hands and the face, so that they're more of a match for her chest/shoulders area. (A match in brightness, don't worry about the colour for now.

Then post again for me.

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And that was insanely simple yet very effective. I followed the directions and did the masking at 10%. Do you do suggest doing all skin tones in this manner or just those that present a particular challenge such as this? 

((Thank you!))


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