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Is it possible to merge these two images?


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I've uploaded my two SOOC shots.  I'd like to have one image that captures the view out the window, as well as the details of the interior room.  Is that possible with these two SOOC shots?



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As I mentioned earlier, if you'd shot on a tripod, you might have had other options (ie HDR).  But in this situation, just choose one of the files and process it in the usual way.

Choosing which file to use is a balancing act.  Brighter files are better quality (not so noisy) but darker files have more outdoors detail visible through the window, as you know.

As it happens, in this case, the darker file has noticeably better focus than the brighter one, so that decision is more or less made for us.

I processed the darker file in ACR, then did some Levels work, to get this:


With more time, it would be possible to enhance the outdoor detail a little more, of course, but even as you see here, it's fairly visible.

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