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Contrast not measuring (X-Rite Color Munki Displey)

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Until recently with my ASUS VS229H-P LED, I can not re-calibrate the contrast part of the process. I did everything as asked (and advised with what settings to use / not to use from the Damien article I turn to every time I re-calibrate), therefore not being able to tell if I'm adjusting my contrast accordingly cause it lacks the marker / green check mark. Oddly enough the brightness / luminance still functions and shows the marker and the eventual green check mark.


Its been 3 years since I bought X-Rite Color Munki Display and I've taken good care of it  - is it possible that it's a hardware issue? The wiring? I'm afraid I'll have to buy another one whilst also afraid to find the same results.


Please help. Has this happened with anyone? Already contacted X-Rite via e-mail but hoping I can get help here too.





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