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Banding. Help. Please.


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I have the WORST trouble with banding, specifically in my parent-baby shots (basically the only time I shoot indoors). This is from yesterday's newborn session. I'm included the SOOC (the colour version), SOOR (b+w), and finished 'sneak peek' edit (b+w with watermark…resized for Facebook). I've tried carefully following your tutorial for removing banding, with no luck. It makes it a bit less noticeable, but only really disappears when the noise is at such a high opacity that it's completely visible. Is there something else I can be doing differently??  




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Remember, too, that FB bands the crap out of everything, due to its intense compression algorithms.  You can control how an image displays on your own website and in print, but FB is generally a lost cause.

But yes, I agree with Samantha.  If you're seeing a ton of banding on that bottom image on your screen (outside of FB), then you may have a screen issue?

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I don't see it above, in this thread...but when I posted to Facebook it was pretty bad even though I had resized for Facebook. When I view it in Photoshop I feel like I can see it...but now if you all can't, I'm wondering if my eyes are playing tricks on me, because I'm specifically looking for it. Yeesh. Thank you!! 

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