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Sections 1 & 2


Needless to say, leave Section 1 on “Use Open Images”.

For Section 2, I almost always use “Save in Same Location” because it suits my workflow. But if you wish to designate a saving destination elsewhere on your hard drive, go ahead and “Select Folder”.

It’s very important to mention that Image Processor always saves its files in a subfolder called “JPEG” (if jpeg is your chosen format). So if you point it to a new empty folder called “FRED”, it won’t put the files in FRED, it will put them in a folder called JPEG inside FRED. I hope that makes sense.

At first, this behaviour might seem annoying. But you’ll quickly realise why I adore Image Processor so much – because it is completely impossible to mess up and accidentally save over your original files. Image Processor is utterly idiot-proof.

If you run a batch and realise you messed it up somehow, just delete the whole JPEG folder and start again. It costs you nothing but a few seconds of your time.

Section 3


For the purpose of this tutorial, you’ll only ever use JPEG as the format, so leave the PSD and TIFF sections unchecked.

Choose your Quality wisely – remember, too low and the images might look bad, but too high and your web page might take too long to load.

My actions already convert your images to sRGB, but leave that box checked anyway, because it’s a good habit.

Do NOT check the “Resize to Fit” box. The action does that too, and you definitely don’t want resizing happening twice.

Section 4


Check the “Run Action” box, then choose my set, then the action you wish to run.

Don’t neglect the “Copyright Info” box – it’s a good idea to whack your name in there.

Always include the ICC profile, no matter where your files are going.

Run it >>

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