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Getting ready

For the next part, you’ll need pen and paper to jot a few things down, and you’ll need a watermarked photo that you’ve already prepared.  Make sure it's at the exact size you use for your web images.

If you’ve never put your watermark on a photo before, you need go to “PART THREE: USE IT” towards the bottom of this article.

If you’ve never even resized a photo for web before, that’s pretty serious. Please comment below so I can help you out with that.

But most of you, I expect, have had experience in preparing web images, so go ahead and open one you’ve saved in the past.

For this example, I’m using one of my beautiful wife’s beautiful photos, and adding her name to it. Here’s the watermark file I created:


Here’s a photo I’m using for the exercise:


And here’s the photo with its border and watermark:


Remember, this action gives you two choices for the fixed position of your watermark – right in the middle, or at the bottom right corner.

Have you got your resized and watermarked photo ready?

Ok, let’s go! >>

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