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Customising the action

Here are all the steps of the action:


Don’t worry, we don’t need to customise all of them. Just a handful.

IMPORTANT: To do the following steps, you need to have a photo open in Photoshop. It doesn’t matter what photo it is, any photo will do. Open one up now.


First, we turn our attention to the Crop step. By default, it’s turned on – its little black checkbox is checked:


You need to decide whether you want a crop step in the action. If you leave it on, the action will pause briefly for you to crop each photo. If you turn if off, you’ll need to crop manually before you run the batch.

It’s your call. If you don’t want the cropping to happen in the action, turn off that little black check that I’ve circled in red above.

The crop step which is built into the action is a freeform crop – that is, no particular shape. If you use it, you’ll be able to crop each image exactly how you like it for composition, but every photo will end up a different shape – that’s the nature of freeform cropping.

So, if you need your photos to be cropped to a specific shape every time (eg 11:15, or whatever), you’ll definitely need to turn off the crop step in the action, and do it manually (more info about this later).

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