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Don’t use rich black for everything!!

Most artwork guidelines mention this. Some will say “all text to be 100%K”. Some will say “text under [x]pt to be 100%K”. Some might also warn you to stick to 100%K for lines under a certain thickness.

This all goes back to that registration issue. A big block of black with a thin line of misprinted colour at the edges is no big deal - but thin lines of black with equally thin lines of colour around them look awful. Print shops won’t take that risk and neither should you.

Text, with its thin lines and sharp serifs, is especially prone to this. It doesn’t take much misregistration to make text unreadable, or at least very unpleasant to read.

I’m hesitant to pronounce broad rules of thumb, but I think it’s safe to say that most text should be 100%K, unless it’s big and bold.

Also remember what I said in Module 4 - tiny text and thin lines shouldn’t be in colour if you can avoid it. Black only.

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