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How to make text overprint

In Adobe programs, we make text overprint by setting its blend mode to “Multiply”.

  multiply1.png.4adb56f245073c9489477d8a7249925a.png  multiply2.png.8c8b1f8721fb73f05241ee2c53d3f410.png  multiply3.png.c0f9fdafe8f2b3c9e758f66aeab61c1a.png

More about this later in the class.

Lines too!

I’ve only talked about text so far, but overprinting applies to any kind of black linework. Logos, graphs, diagrams, etc. If it’s 100%K on a coloured background, make sure it overprints.

Solid black only

Overprinting only applies to solid blacks. Don’t try to overprint shades of grey unless you really know what you’re doing.

100%K only

Never overprint rich black. You’ll exceed your Total Ink Limit and the printer won’t be happy with you! If you have text or panels that are rich black, they must always be on “Normal” blend mode.

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