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How to use the profiles

Whereas normal colour photos don’t need to be converted to CMYK before placing them into your design, black-and-white photos are a unique case. You must convert them to my special profile ahead of time.

Open your black-and-white photo in Photoshop and immediately flatten its layers. Then go to Edit>Convert to profile. If your computer successfully installed the profiles after you downloaded and double-clicked them, they should be available to you as the Destination Space Profile:

convert.thumb.png.84320fbed8cf94adda828d9b585df209.png  convert2.thumb.png.7b184278568bd016e504fc2c1d39d636.png

That’s it! Press OK to commit the conversion, then save the photo as a separate file (don’t save it over your master file) with “-CMYK” at the end of its name to remind you. It’s ready to use.

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