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To summarise

Well, I hope you now understand what I meant when I said “black ain’t black”. The most boring colour in the spectrum is by far the most complicated.

The key points from this module:

  • Black ink by itself is rather weak.
  • To strengthen it we can add other ink/s to it, but this is not without risks which must be considered.
  • For small text and thin lines, black ink should be used by itself.
  • Where black text and lines go over coloured areas, the ink should overprint.
  • Black-and-white photos can look weak if printed with black ink only, but ugly if printed with standard CMYK.

And remember:

  • Always assume that ink registration (alignment) will be inaccurate.

I’m here to help

Very soon we’ll get to the practical modules where you can start assembling your design. I’ll be talking more about blacks in that module, and ready to answer your questions whenever you need me.

In the next module we’ll prepare your black, rich black, and other colour swatches for printing.

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