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Calibration of multiple monitors to look the same

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I have a brand new Dell XPS 15. I also have a new external monitor. I've calibrated them both using my Spyder 3 and they couldn't look more different if they tried. Ive done a quick Google search and see that I may have no hope of them matching because they're completely different screen types. The laptop has an Ultrasharp 4K screen and the monitor is just a $350 BenQ LCD 27" Gaming Monitor. The only reason I bought the monitor is because my old computer was a 17" and the 15.6" feels small to me. But if the monitor is going to give me more grief than it's worth, I'll just scrap it and get used to the smaller laptop screen! Whats your advice?

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3 hours ago, Truth Designs said:

Spyder 3 Express.


Oh yeah, that's on the bottom rung. Definitely sounds like it may be time for an upgrade if it's giving you issues. The Express series from Spyder is pretty limited in it's functionality (not as bad as the horrid ColorMunki Smile). Here are Damien's current recommendations: http://www.damiensymonds.net/what2buy_cal.html

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