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Photos drained of color.

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I recently started using a different computer for my photography, and after using no it for a while I found that all of the images (outside of Photoshop) are colorless, gray looking. They look awful! I went back to pictures I had sent clients via email and they are the same colorless/gray as the computer is showing me when I open them in the computer photo viewing program. The ONLY way I have found that o can send pictures without them looking awful is Facebook. That seems the be the only thing that doesn't look drained of color. The pictures look completely normal when I open them back up in Photoshop. I tried adjusting everything the way it is in the tutorials, and the pictures aren't changing. I'm not sure what I'm am doing wrong! The two images I uploaded are screen shots of the image I sent on Facebook, and the same exact image sent on an email. The image i sent through Facebook looks exactly the same way it should/does in Photoshop, and the image sent via the email looks the same way the image viewer on my computer looks.image.thumb.png.6fb3601223269c5fbac27b15image.thumb.png.9368b4ce11be0806ed18eeb1

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I actually went through it right before I posted on here, and it didn't change the way the images look outside of Photoshop unfortunately. I'm not sure if images I have already processed and saved as JPEGs won't change, and I need to go back and fix something? 

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