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Edit a gradient mask

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The problem with graduated masks (Sky replacement) is that there is no way of knowing what opacity a particular area of the mask is, which makes editing problematic.
What this means is that it is fine to carefully remove the mask but next to impossible to add it back. 

I wonder if there is a clever technique to make the opacity of a brush = selected layer mask opacity at any point.

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The trick is to put the layer in a group, then add a mask to the group:


Does that make sense?  That way, you keep the gradient untouched, and do your brush work separately.

In some cases, it's better to do the brush work on the layer mask, and the gradient on the group mask.  The more you play with this method, the more you'll develop the instinct for what's best.

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Perfect, thank you.
I hadn't considered applying a mask to a group. Makes me wonder what else I could do with that technique.

Thanks again for your courses which I completed some time ago. I now feel like I know what I am doing! My sky replacements are subtle and believable. I have dissected, taken ideas and learned from certain Actions thanks to my understanding of what is going on and I use techniques you have taught on a daily basis - so many game changers!

Keep up the good work

Cheers - Darren

Edited by Darren Whittaker
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