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Brush tool acting wonky

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Not really a request for help as much as a "Do you see what PS is doing??" and a "Has anyone else noticed this?" I'm off to do my regular troubleshooting, but this was too strange not to share. And if I can fix it, I figure it'd be good to have on the site in case someone else experienced the same. 

So, I'm working on my new website and I decided to make a little icon thingy. Wanted to do a simple cupcake, but I noticed I had a butterfly brush so I decided to use that. I picked a color (nice, peachy pinky-ish color) that matched my site and resized my brush to fill my box. Then I clicked. And the brush didn't appear. Hmm, strange. So I clicked again and an orange butterfly appeared...and then the brush rotated...and well, you can see the rest. Every time I clicked the brush would rotate and/or change size and/or change colors - and sometimes all three because why the hell not? (the color never changed on the swatch either)

Anyways, I'm off to see if resetting my tools works, then to restart PS, and then finally to try updating it. Say a prayer for me, k?



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17 hours ago, Damien Symonds said:

I don't know the answer either, but I urge you not to use a brush for this purpose.  Always use the custom shape tool, and find the butterfly in there.

Ooo good idea! I justed wanted something to fill a space until I could buy some clipart or have someone make a doodle for me. lol

I updated PS and haven't had a chance to see if it is persisting yet, guess I better do that. :)

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Unfortunately this problem is persisting. AND! While clicking with my brush tool, my AVG got set off and felt the activity in Adobe's temp folder was suspicious. So I'm scanning my computer now. And honestly, I'm at the point where I'm thinking it might be intentional? Or a setting somewhere? Maybe? I'm not sure. If this scan doesn't fix anything, I guess I'll just let it go for now and use the proper tools like you suggested. :P

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