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On the main Welcome screen, you can check all four boxes, because we already discussed these issues at the beginning of this article:


If this isn’t your first time running the software, those checkboxes might not even be there at all! It seems to only ask you to check them on the very first time. That’s weird, but whatever.

In the “Display Controls” section, please ignore the first two instructions about Contrast and Color Temperature. They don’t apply to your screen. The third point, about Brightness, is very relevant, but we already addressed it in Part 1 of this tutorial.


When you’ve ticked all four boxes, press Next:


Display Type

I don’t know why this page even exists – there’s no difference in the calibration process either way that I can tell. Anyway, choose the display type most relevant for your computer, then press Next:


SPECIAL NOTE: On every screen, on the right-hand side, there’s a handy help panel. It’s great, and if you want even more in-depth explanation, you can click on the link at the bottom:


Their help really is helpful, I’m very impressed with it.

Make and model >>

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