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The device will take a minute to read black, red, green, blue and white. Then it will pause here:


At the top it will tell you the Target brightness is 120. This is a nonsense in-built target which is too high for everybody, and I wish Datacolor would wise up and change it.

If your screen matches your prints at 120, your office must be lit by football stadium floodlighting, and your power bill must be horrendous!

Don’t worry, what we’re doing here is setting a new target, based on the adjustment you made to your screen before we started.

So your Current brightness reading should definitely be lower than 120. You can see mine is at 98, because my office is quite well-lit. Generally speaking, yours should be between 70 and 100. If so, press “Continue” right away:


(During my testing I found that it made me press “Update” before I could press “Continue”.  I’m not sure if this will happen to you too. It’s no problem if it does.)

BUT … if it’s lower than 70 or higher than 100, I’m sorry, but I kinda need you to stop here, turn your light back on, and go right back to the start, and re-visit your print matching from Part 1. In good light, you really should have a print match somewhere between 70 and 100.

If you can’t be bothered starting over, adjust your screen’s brightness until it’s at approximately 80. That should be a safe area for most people.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to hit the “Update” button if you make a brightness adjustment. It will take a moment to re-read, then show you the new number.


Press “Continue” to move on:


Profiling >>

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49 minutes ago, Jessica Miller said:

I bought a Asus laptop and it’s not giving me this option. It goes directly to finished. But when I did it on my desktop I had the option. 

It's not stopping to allow you to adjust brightness, do you mean?

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