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Matching multiple backgrounds


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I have 11 photos of my son - all taken in different lighting (before I started a course in photography!) a couple have a different background (carpet) completely. I would like to know what is the best way of making all the backgrounds the same? Should I replace them entirely with a block of colour or do something with the existing background. I have tried using the magic wand tool but not getting very far. Here are a couple of examples.....



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I've played around with a few methods, and I think your best option is a Hue/Saturation layer with the "Colorize" box checked.

When you do the first photo, you could find a value on the Hue slider that you liked.  You'd also adjust the Saturation and Lightness to how you liked it.  You'd mask very carefully around the subject.  This will be very handy.

Then, you'd keep that photo open, while one at a time opening the others beside it on your screen.  For each one, you'd use the same Hue value, but carefully vary the Saturation and Lightness sliders to get the best possible match.

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