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Changing shoe colour - eek!

Ellie Cotton

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I started working my way through the class materials some time ago so haven't got far enough through yet..  so apologies in advance if I'm not looking the right place.

My client realised that she didn't change her daughter's shoes at the start of the shoot - in later images she's wearing white bridesmaid pumps.
I don't have a way to composite - no similar poses. 

However I'm wondering if lightening the shoes a bit so they are fit a bit more with the light dress would be best bet?

I think the client might go with the dark shoe images so it's not a complete dud but wanted to see if I could do something to improve...



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That's ok - thanks for your time - I just wanted to know I wasn't ducking out of the editing due to laziness / inexperience if you see what I mean.

I can tell mum it's a no, and I think she'll be fine about that.


Thanks again !

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