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External monitor recommendation

mark green

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I have recently bought a Mac Book Pro (16 inch) to replace my 27 inch iMac from 2012.  While the new machine is obviously way faster the display is obviously 1. looks great but is significantly smaller, 2. increases the risk of Damien shouting at me if I continue to edit on a portable...

So my question is what would you recommend at an external monitor for the portable? & what are the main things to look out for in a new display?

1. I could buy a USB C to mini display port adaptor and continue to use the iMac. (iMac has 2540*1440 display - the portable has a resolution 3072*1920). 

2. A could invest in a new external monitor.

Considering most options as far as cost is concerned - with the exception of the new Apple display obviously!

Background: As I work away from home a lot of the time a good portable with a modern screen seemed a good solution, but with the covid situation it looks like I'm going to be working from home for the forseeable future and even though the portable screen is good I will miss a larger display.

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The biggest thing to look for is a display panel that is IPS, In-Plane-Switching, based. A IPS Monitor has a better viewing angle, and it ensures that colors and contrast are consistent from edge-to-edge, which is kinda important for editing photos. Damien and I typically recommend the Dell UltraSharp Line of monitors. Also a display that supports 95% or better sRGB and isn't too glossy (cuts down on reflections) should be things to look for.

  1. Here is display that would work really well. Dell UltraSharp UP2716D.
  2. Instead of buying a cable to use your old Mac, just get a new one to hook up your new MBP to the new display. You just need a DisplayPort to USB-C. Make sure it supports Thunderbolt or what can happen is the MBP loses connectivity with the Display if it goes to sleep. Here is such a cable.
  3. Finally, if you are going to get a fancy external display to work with your new MBP, I'd budget for a SpyderX Elite Calibration Tool to go with it. Normally, I recommend the SpyderX Pro to calibrate Macs, since the only thing you can adjust is brightness. In this case, the Elite would work better for you since you have a lot more control with an external display.
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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the recomemendation and points.

1. I'll look at the Ultrasharp Dell you recommended. There seem to be other dispalys in that range as well, e.g.  Dell UltraSharp U2720Q that has somewhat higher specs.  Overkill do you think or worth considering if I1m looking to get a monitor that will last?

2. Calibration tool: I currently have a i1 Display Pro, would you recommend replacing it with the Spyder X Elite tool?

Appreciate the time it takes to answer these sort of questions - so thanks - and if you are ever in Norway I'll get you a beer  :)

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The Dell UltraSharp U2720Q will work just fine. I like it. The i1 Display Pro is getting a bit "long in the tooth." Even though there is a Catalina update for the Calibration software, I really think you should get a new one with today's modern displays. That said, try it and compare the results to your test prints. If it's really off, you'll know, but I'd at least try it. The SpyderX Series isn't going anywhere for awhile. :)

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