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Building up my portfolio

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I'm getting relatively comfortable and somewhat more confident in my editing. But I have a problem - All the photos I've taken in the past of people are wrong probably in every way - not in sRGB, not white balanced, JPG and probably not large files a good chunk of them. However.. I'd like to start working again and I have to start showing something other than pictures of my kids.

What would be the best way to approach giving these photos proper justice? Can I process them in ACR the same and take them into PS for levels? I've included a few.. its not like I have an extensive gallery but I've picked out some of the good ones over the years.






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they are ghastly I know. look man you finally taught an old dog new tricks. I'll have to take a look on my hard drive, if I find something close to original where would you like me to post it for fixing? and If this is all I have? just pretend they don't exist and offer wicked cheap sessions? lol

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