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Mac keeps randomly freezing then restarting automatically...help!


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Hey Brian,

I'm having big problems as of yesterday.  

This is my last post (for history) 



So as of yesterday, out of the blue (I wasn't even running photoshop), by mac made a blip sound and it was immediately locked up. No mouse movement, nothing, completely frozen.  Then it automatically restarted.  When it finally restarted it seemed fine for about 2 minutes.  Then the blip sound happened again, frozen, then restarted again.  This time when it restarted I checked my "about my mac" and checked the RAM thinking maybe I screwed something up.  It said the 4th RAM module had an error.  So I immediately shut my mac down again and did some google searching to figure out what the heck was wrong.  

I couldn't find anything concrete but I did double check to make sure my RAM was properly installed.  I popped out that 4th RAM module and put it back it (while it was off, obviously).  Now every time I have checked it, it says the RAM is all fine. No more errors there.  But the problem keeps happening. I disconnected everything except the ethernet/keyboard(wireless)/mouse (wireless) and printer.  No external drives are attached and it still does it.  Not immediately, but after working for a bit.  

In fact, I will post this now so I don't lose it! LOL!  Any thoughts?

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The only things I have open and running at the time are Google Chrome, Messages and Finder.  So it's not like I'm working on something big.  It just keeps crashing randomly.  The computer (Mac Pro) is not running hot or anything that I can tell.    I also ran a diagnostic test (restarted while pushing D key) and it just restarted after.  When I looked into the history it says it passed the diagnostic test.  (see attached pic)

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 9.08.57 PM.png

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There are the possibility of two things going on here.

  1. The RAM Module in the 4th slot is faulty. (Very Likely.)
  2. The Slot itself is faulty.

Your crashing problems / beeping noise all point to a bad RAM stick. I think you recently upgraded your RAM? You might want to schedule a RMA before it gets too late. Oh, one more important thing, make sure you touch something metallic to ground yourself out before handling the RAM sticks. RAM does NOT like to get zapped by a static discharge, no matter how small.

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