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Reducing Harsh Shadow

Dayna Lyn

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Is it possible to reduce the harsh shadow under her nose? I know it's not going to be perfect but just wondering if it can be reduced? My Aunt died unexpectedly yesterday and unfortunately this is the only recent photo we have of her. I cropped in a lot from a group photo. I do have the original RAW file of this if that helps too. Thanks for any help with this!


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Yes I took the original photo and shot in RAW. I tried that already, the blacks are dropped down all the way and I raised the fill light to 15. It's still very harsh :( 


This is the 100% crop unfortunately this is taken from a larger group photo. 

I'm posting the original SOOR photo too, maybe that will help?




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Aw, I think you'd need to post this in his raw class for the best help. :/ (you can always PM him to renew and get back in the class. You do not need to get on the waitlist again or pay full price) But lets wait to see if Damien has any other suggestions for you.

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