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Open the device

The picture will show you how to turn around the device's cap to reveal the lens.  Then press Next:


Curiously, I didn't get this next screen every time I ran the calibration.  But if you do get it, only choose the "Brightness" checkbox, because your screen doesn't have the other controls:


Hang your device over the screen as instructed.  Then press Next again.


At this point, if you haven’t already, turn off the lights or pull the blinds, or whatever. Strictly speaking, the surrounding light shouldn’t matter, but it can’t hurt to be extra safe.

The brightness step >>

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Hey @Damien Symonds - I'm curious at this point on why you're recommending Lights Out. The application (on Mac at least) wants to take an ambient light reading before it goes to the Brightness step, which would suggest that having the lights off would be giving this a false reading? Thoughts?

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