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Brightness not right

Please never underestimate the impact your surrounding light has on this calibration/comparison process. If your light is too dim (which is a very common problem) it will always make your prints seem darker than they really are, and cause you to think that your screen is too bright.

If you think, or even suspect, that your light is the culprit, take steps to rectify it. Get brighter bulbs if you can, or at least try assessing your prints in daylight. I would hate to be wasting your time with all of these calibration adjustments if the calibration wasn’t actually the problem.

If you’re sure the light is ok, read on …

Let’s try again.

From the home screen, choose "Display" again to get to the targets page.  Pull down the "Luminance" menu to take a look at your options:


  • If your screen is a little bit darker than your prints, choose the next highest number.
  • If your screen is quite a bit darker than your prints, choose an even higher number.
  • If your screen is brighter than your prints, choose the next lowest number.  (But seriously, if you have to go below 80, that's a problem.  You have to get more light in your room.)

Special note

If you have calibrated several times and none of the presets work exactly right for you, you need to manually adjust your screen's brightness to get a good match, then choose "Native" from the menu.

With your new target chosen, press Next to continue and calibrate again.

Re-calibrate >>

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