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Raw+JPG is recording as JPG+JPG

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I don't know where else to ask this and google has not helped.  

I shot my last two sessions as RAW (slot 1) + JPG (slot 2). I imported to LR and both files of each image are JPGS. There are no RAW anywhere. I checked my camera and it is still set to Raw+JPG. I checked both cards again (in Mac's Finder) and both show only JPGS. Has anyone had this happen before? 

And if you are wondering why I shoot both - I shoot JPG for fast culling and RAW for editing.  

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And could you have used something like Photos or iPhoto or other software to transfer your photos to your computer? 

When you say you checked the cards again - do you mean you had the cards themselves hooked up to your computer and you viewed their contents in finder? Or were you looking at the folders that LR stored the files in?

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