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Age Old Question; Size vs Resolution

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I shoot weddings for a studio THAT ONLY USES JPEGS. I shoot raw for myself, and use raw files when images need more correction other than an exposure tweak. The owner says the files i submit are too small.  I set the resolution to 300 and the size to 6x4 inches using the Long Side resize in ACR (CC).  Yes the files are usually around 2mb in total size.  I plead my case to him that he is looking at the storage size vs. resolution.  The studio mainly produces albums and larger prints, over 16"  in size.  I don't know who prints for the studio, he mainly uses beautiful 16x20 or 20x24 metallic prints.  I don't think they are resizing them but I am not sure and will find out this week.  So after this week i will submit larger dimension files but still set at 300 dpi.  If i set a file at 6x4 inches, and then decide to print it 16x20 isnt it as simple as resizing to the enlargement size?

My 2nd part of the question; when setting a size in ACR the file is smaller then when using Photoshop?  Its not by much and i'm sure not visible but why are they different.

thanks, I read the discussions here and benefit from them.

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Yes i am here and read it.  For my personal images i don't crop until i know what i am after; vertical from a horizontal, crop slightly for framing etc.    i am not cropping the images, thats for the printer or whatever the studio/client does with the images.  I set the size to 6x4, 300 DPI.  To satisfy their requests i now set the size to 3200mp at 300 DPI on the long side via ACR.  That should satisfy the request, but how pertinent is image size, say set to 6x4" vs 16x20" with both set at 300 DPI?  


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i read the suggested reading; Why would those testmonials crop an image permanently, knowing a different size may be requested later?  When i do crop its client/order specific and i go back to the original file. Storage is relatively cheap so having 2 or more crop sizes is  not a problem.  Also with my latest acquisition of a Mark IV I have cropped a lot of area out of an image and had a very good final image.  But again, I do not crop for the studio submission.

What would you suggest for a workflow size knowing some of the images on a wedding shoot may be used for 16x20" or larger?


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