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Recent Monitor Recommendations?

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Hi Brian,

I am building a new computer this week and would like to upgrade my monitor as well. I've looked through the FB forum and the first couple pages here and the only suggested monitor I came across was this one:


Is this the only one you recommend? Would appreciate any suggestions I can check out and hopefully order one soon. 


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Just be sure to use a HDMI Cable or better yet, a DisplayPort Cable with your new monitor. Do not use the old-style 15-pin Blue VGA Cable that's been around since 1989.

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Honestly? No.

I will say, one of the things that Macs have done REALLY WELL is when it comes to upscaling. Even though I have a 5K 27" iMac, It looks like I'm typing on a 27" standard screen, the 2560 x 1440 models. Windows still hasn't done this type of stuff really well. Things are so tiny on the screen until you dork around with settings. If you are editing photos a standard 27" or 24" Monitor is fine, especially if you get a 27" one. Don't fall for Marketing. 8K screens are already out and Manufacturers want you to buy them. Then it will be 16K, then 32K, etc.

How much detail are you really going to need? Seriously. If your clients are only viewing stuff on their phones or un-calibrated monitors, and not at 300% then anything fancy is just "bragging rights." Save your money. Put it towards a new Pro-Grade Lens, or a trip somewhere. Invest in Education, not the latest 4K screen because you think it will make you a better photographer.

Better Glass...Better Technique...Understanding Light...THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU BETTER.

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