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In Windows Explorer under This PC.  You have the usual folders: Desktop, documents, Downloads, pictures....etc.  I'm sure you know where I am talking.  

I have a brand new computer...i am unsure how to explain this, but these folders look to have attached themselves to one drive.   these folders are also showing up in my one drive?  not sure why.  If you look at the attached you will see a cloud or sync arrows next to the folders.  How do I change this, I am not wanting these folders to be stand alone on my computer and not attached to one drive.  

I hope this makes sense

2020-11-21 (1).png

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Yeah, a lot of off-the-shelf computers have OneDrive installed and Activated by default. Is there anything in these OneDrive folders that is important? If so, please copy those files first to a local folder on your computer. Because when you un-link things, and basically un-install OneDrive I think it deletes whatever files are in those folders.

So check those folders and get back to me.

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