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Image wanted for salon wall

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I have a client who is wanting to print this image 1200 x 4800 for his new Hair Salon.

My questions are - 

What size should the final file be to accommodate for such a large print? 

What sharpening Settings should i be using?

What else do i need to do? at 100% the quality looks good - just wanting to double check before its sent off and can't afford any mistakes!!


thankyou. Amy

AMYWEIRPHOTOGRAPHY20151011_1781Langdon Salon PROOF.jpg

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Hi thanks for the reply, 

i am providing the file. I'm not sure as to who or how it will be printed. Just know the above size of the end result. 


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Oh bummer.

You really need to talk to your client, and ask to be able to communicate directly with whoever will be doing the printing.  Stress the importance of this, from a quality point of view.  He will be receptive, I'm sure.

Once you have the printer's details, contact them and ask them what resolution they need the file to be, and also if they need any bleed (it's likely they'll say the exact dimensions of 1200x4800 will be fine, but let's not leave anything to chance - it's possible they might need a few extra millimetres to allow for trimming).

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Yes ok, that sounds like a good move! 

How do I ensure image quality and prevent pixelation etc tho? I'm worried it would look anything but amazing! 

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