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mac os sierra support adobe cs6

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Has anyone heard any news about the new Mac OS Sierra supporting Adobe Creative Cloud 6 Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Bridge, Acrobat etc? Tried looking online but couldn't find anything. Wish I hadn't upgraded from Mac OS Mountain Lion to El Capitan wish I could go back my 2012 iMac is a little slower now.

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That's a really good question.

Short Answer: No. 

Long Answer: Adobe has dropped update support for CS6. They no longer update ACR for CS6, so I find it highly unlikely that they will update the CS6 product suite for the new OS. Plus, Apple is going away from the HFS+ file system to the Apple File System (APFS) sometime in 2017. By default, that new file system is case-sensitive, and Adobe's products won't work on a case-sensitive file system. Fun, eh? 

The best chance for any Adobe products working with Mac OS Sierra is to use the Creative Cloud Suite. (E.g. Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, etc.)  That will be what Adobe upgrades to work on future Operating Systems, not something like CS5 or CS6. So for those peeps that want to refuse to give into the leased software model, your days are numbered. ;) 

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