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SpyderX results always extremely yellow

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So I just got my SpyderX and immediately tried it on my main screen (Asus VG248Q) but was completely dissapointed. The first result was an extremely yellow-heavy display. I tried it with different settings and different room light but always got results that just did not display white as actual white but as a white with quite some yellow in it.

Only way I got somewhat close to a kind of decent result was when I did reset everything and just calibrated without room brightness and no color temperature calibration. But then I got some slight green-ish result...

I tried on my second screen and got the same yellow-ish results!

I tried like 2 Hours on 2 screens to somehow get a decent result but had no success. I paid around 150€ for this and now I feel like I have wasted that money unless I'll bother asking for a refund.


This is absolutely not what I hoped for when I ordered this...

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