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SORCHA - 2 - Smoothing pattern backdrop


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Hi Damien. what is the best way to smooth out the few creases in the below pic - i tried using D&B but does not seem to be doing much - SOOR is 2nd pic

9Q8A4965 - d&b.jpg

9Q8A4965 - soor.jpg

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18 hours ago, Damien Symonds said:
18 hours ago, Damien Symonds said:

I assume you mean burn isn't doing much?  Dodge should be working ok.

To burn, you need some detail there to start with.  Burning white doesn't do much.

Yes i meant dodge to lighten the shadow area to make the creases less noticeable.

Is this any improvement?

9Q8A4965 - d&b rev1.jpg

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I think you're missing the important point here.  It's not about the light and shadow any more.  You could even those out perfectly, and the pattern on the blanket would still make it glaringly obvious that there were undulations.

If you really want it to be perfectly smooth, you'd have to attempt to take another photo of the blanket, and superimpose it in.  But that would be darned hard, I fear.

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