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HELP with picture for billboard!!


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Hi Damien, 

I took a headshot for a lady running for a county office, and she will use it to put on brochures and on a billboard.  I posted it on a Facebook group for CC and have fixed many things since, but I'm still not sure it's where it needs to be and I'm so nervous to have a picture blown up so huge.  Some things people mentioned that I fixed (using your quick selection method and levels, thank you!!)  :  lightened the hair, evened the exposure on her teeth, lowered the exposure on the end of her nose, brightened the right side of the picture... I smoothed her skin a lot since it will be so huge, no one wants to see their wrinkles blown up huge. I didn't realize the SOOR was so yellow until someone pointed that out, so I took some yellows out (although I have a feeling you might tell me to start over in RAW....I have done so much work though so I guess I am trying not to!) 

I haven't done any sharpening yet, I have no idea how to format a picture to be made so large!

ANY help or tips you can give me are greatly appreciated!!  Thanks Damien!



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49 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

I think she looks ... "over-perfected", if you know what I mean.

haha...yes, I do.  She asked me to make her look 20 years old ;)  I took it too far?  

I'm working on another version where I started over in RAW...and I've been pounding my head on my computer all night.  

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This is what I ended up with, I don't know if you can comment at all but I wanted to share anyway... I think it's better...at least I hope it is!

Next time I need to get my lighting and white balance right :/ 


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